Parenting Tips to ensure stress free time for you

Stress can be a huge obstacle to successful parenting. We are all aware that stress drains one’s energy and makes one feel depressed. Parents under stress frequently act aggressively or become agitated while speaking to their kids.

Parenting can be wonderful, inspiring, and fulfilling, yet it can also be draining, anxiety-provoking, and almost always stressful. Parenting stress may put a strain on everyone.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent or a working parent, a single parent or a married parent, a mother or father, or the parent of one child or multiple children, being cool, composed, and energized can help get you through the day.

Stress is not something that’s going to go away as your child grows and develops. Stress is a constant. As your kids grow and develop, new stress replaces the old.

As a parent, there are a lot of things that can stress you out, such as your kids not eating, health concerns, controlling their behaviour, and lack of free time.

Parenting tips to reduce stress

Quality time for yourself -

    • Find time for your own hobbies and interests.
    • It will help you sort out your thoughts.

Practise Yoga and Deep Breathing

    • Yoga eases mental stress and anxiety.
    • It helps you keep calm.
    • You can involve your kids as well. It increases concentration in kids.

Quality sleep

    • You should sleep at least 8 hours.
    • Lack of sleep also causes stress.
    • Your memory, focus, judgement, and concentration are all affected by a lack of sleep.
    • Quality sleep improves your mental health and increases productivity.

Listen to Your Kids

    • Listen to what your kid wants to tell you.
    • Do not unnecessarily shout at your kids.
    • Give them your undivided attention when required to avoid unwanted fights and tears.

Go out occasionally

    • Eating out once in a while or going on a picnic can do wonders.
    • It helps to relax & enjoy time with family.
    • Spending time with family can also be assisted by engaging in sports activities or simply visiting a new region.

Set aside Playtime

    • Physical activity keeps you fit as well as releases stress.
    • Even playing a simple game of catch can result in the release of endorphins.
    • You can drastically lower your stress levels by cracking jokes, painting, or competing in dance competitions with your kids.

Instill Good Manners

    • A stress-free environment can be maintained by treating one another with a little respect and kindness.
    • Teach your children the phrases "please," "thank you," and "sorry," and use them when speaking to them. 
    • Follow a daily routine with them throughout the day.

Be Flexible

    • You should develop the ability to be flexible.
    • Being a parent is all about handling the unexpected, because things don't always go as planned.
    • Learn to let things go & move on.

Talk it out

  • Share your problems, feelings, and emotions with your partner or friends.
  • Learn to rely on others, be they family or friends.
  • Connect with other parents to talk about things related to kids.