Some preschool teaching techniques to educate kids

A child’s career and future are shaped by the initial years of learning. Early education is important as 90% of brain develops till the age of 5.For the first two years of life, parents play a major role in a child’s life. Teachers play a crucial role in a child’s life after the age of two as they impart knowledge in them and aid in the development of abilities.

Early Education fosters a lifelong love for learning, boosts self-esteem, & instils good habit for life. It has tremendous power & offers a range of benefits, such as improved social skills, better coordination, and a high level of creativity.

The teaching method is also an important aspect of early childhood education. A lot of complex topics or lessons can be learned easily with the help of a unique or proper teaching technique.

Do you remember how we used to learn Johny Johny Yes papa? We learned it in a funny way, where our teacher used to sing and dance as well as act out the poem while dictating it. Similarly we learned to calculate by playing stepping games. All of these methods made it easier for us to learn new things, and I can bet we all remember those poems fondly even today.

Preschool teachers must adopt engaging teaching techniques that could grab children’s attention & interest and educate them effectively and efficiently.

Teaching Techniques

Teaching in terms of kids is not limited to bookish knowledge. Teaching techniques are important for teachers, as they are also entitled to teach kids eating habits, toilet habits and manners, as well as being responsible for developing their cognitive skills.

Play-way Method

  • It is the most popular & accepted method of playschool teaching.
  • It involves teaching with the help of activities and without putting pressure on the child.
  • It ensures the overall development of kids in terms of feelings, intelligence, and abilities.
  • Focuses on emotional development along with subjective development.


Montessori Method

    • This technique is named after the first female physician, Maria Montessori.
    • It involves developing a child’s personality through sensory learning.
    • Sensory learning involves touching, tasting, seeing, & smelling.
    • It is based on observation and promotes concentration abilities of children.
    • The classrooms and materials are designed aesthetically.

Reggio Emilia Method

    • This teaching method is based on exploration based learning.
    • Children are exposed to different experiences to help them learn.
    • It encourages self expression and creativity in children.
    • Learning concepts are in the form of art, drama, dance, music, and so on.

Walderf Steiner Method

  • It is a technique that involves teaching traditional subjects using unconventional methods.
  • It focuses on developing the child’s imagination.
  • It includes activities such as story telling, making toys, hand panting and many others to help them develop their imaginative skills.

These teaching methods have been employed by numerous schools and teachers, who have found them to be beneficial.

Along with these methods, teachers must also adapt their teaching strategies to fit the children's learning curve and pace. Every child learns at a different speed and has a different level of comprehension, therefore teaching strategies should be customized.

Teachers also need to be patient with the kids to help them in their learning. Additionally, teachers should also develop a bond with the kids and closely monitor their growth.