“Little Falcons” acknowledges that to benefit Kids and Parents at scale & across variegated geographies, the Company must facilitate its Kindergartens in every prime vicinity. To enable the same, Little Falcons offers Multi-tier Scalable Franchise / Channel Partnership Services.

The core objectives behind developing Franchise Service stack are:


Market Opportunity

With current Market Size of $3.25 Billions, Early-age Education Industry in India is expected to cross $14.2 Billions by 2027 at a CAGR ~27.6%. This is tremendous. With NEP 2020 & NIPUN Bharat Initiatives, Government of India has strongly presented its serious priorities and intent towards empowering the ECCE Industry with more Compliant & Guided Pedagogies to follow and base classroom practices upon.

While Education is seen as the most Successful Business domain after Healthcare, as a business opportunity, Early-age Education/Childcare is one of the few sectors that yields consistent healthy returns, zero-credit Cash Movement & early break-even. With 33,000 Pre-school currently operating in India, the opportunity in Tier 1,2 & 3 demographics is still largely untapped & early-age education/ childcare services unorganized.

On ECCE, average spending by Parents in Tier 1 cities ranges from 45,000 INR to 80,000 INR while in Tier 3 cities, it ranges from 29,000 INR to 45,000 INR. Thus, establishing a positive payability trend towards Early Education & Child Care. Corporate Childcare in Metros & Tier 1 Cities have created yet another opportunity vertical for the industry.

Partner Eligibility

Sustainability & Success Franchising depends upon several factors and one of the major determining aspects is - who is the Right Partner? That’s where it is important to sketch an appropriate Partner persona & set required eligibility.

We are hunting for Edupreneurs inclined towards creating genuine value in Ealy Age Education. On the same lines, to recruit Little Falcons’s Prospective Franchise Partners, the company has delineated following eligibility criterion:

  • Minimum 1200 sq ft Kids-friendly Area (Ground Floor) with 300-500 sq ft Open space preferably in Kids-friendly surroundings
  • Minimum 8-15L Investment Potential for Franchise Setup & Launch Operations
  • Minimum 3 yrs of working experience in Education Management / Administration
  • Minimum Educational Qualification - Graduation (Specialization in Education Preferred)
  • Minimum one Female Co-operator / Co-Owner
  • Positive Credit Score & Stable Cash Flow.

Little Falcons Franchise Programs

With respect to Geographical Authority, LF’s Franchise Model offers three types of Partnership Programs:

  • Unit Franchise: This Franchise Model offers Basic Partnership Plan and accommodates Low-Mid Investment, Small Scale Business Setups to create fair opportunity for Micro Edupreneurs and offer Little Falcons Learn-Groom-Care Programs within a limited demography.
  • Master Franchise: This Franchise Model offers Scalable Partnership Plan and accommodates High Investment, City-Exclusive Business Setups with Sub-franchising rights to create an intra-city network of Little Falcons Kindergartens with minimum one City as Authorized Territory.
  • Powered Franchise: This Franchise Model is aimed to affiliate, empower & equip existing schools & educational establishments with LF’s class-apart ECCE offerings, programs, support & services. Powered Franchisee is a type of Unit Franchisee. The idea is to attract & leverage the existing Kindergarten establishments with “much readier” Infra, Staff, Existing Enrolments & developed Resources etc.

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Unit Franchise

Right to Open & Operate One Franchise School.
Territory Limited to 3 Kms.

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Master Franchise

Right to sell Franchise to Others Prospects in Authorized Territory i.e. Sub-Franchising.
Exclusive Right to develop Territorial Business & Brand Authenticity.

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Powered Franchise

Right to incorporate LF Curriculum Solution & offer Franchise Services to existing Schools

Little Falcons Franchise Support & Service Stack

  • Site Setup & Infra Facilitation
  • School Launch & Local Awareness
  • Operations Training For Franchise Managers and Directors
  • Administration Training For Hired Staff
  • Program kit For All Registered and Enrolled Kids
  • Virtual Training & Mentorship Sessions by India’s Top Educationists & Child-care Experts
  • Marketing Material (Brochures / Leaflets / Verticals / Banners / Accessories) - Digital & Printed
  • PAN India Branding
  • Quarterly Royalty Payment Scheme (To Ease Franchise Growth And Financial Planning)
  • Realtime Operations Monitoring & Account Management
  • Paid Local Admission Promotion / Ad Campaign Management
  • Dedicated Website & Admission Landings
  • Teachers‟-Managers‟ Mentorship Assistance
  • Social Media Promotion And Network Expansion
  • Admission Lead Generation & Counselling Support from Supervised Planning to Executing.
  • Onsite Workforce Assistance For Promotional Or Commercial Events Like Seminars Etc.
  • Recruitment And Staffing Assistance
  • Sub Franchising Opportunity (Lead at Scale)