Early childhood brain development is rapid and is easily influenced by experiences. These experiences are important as they help kids develop their senses, motor skills, and cognitive skills.

Kids learn more by exploring than by reading books. Kids not only explore things but also words, people, and environments, which makes it important to provide them with a secure and stimulating environment.

Little Falcons’ focuses on activity based learning. We aim to teach kids by having them experiencing things. Along with experiential learning, we help kids learn lessons, poems, & alphabets through fun activities. Our approach is to help children learn while playing.

Montessori toy's are provided to the kids. It fosters hands on learning, self motivation and independence. Activities are conducted, and kits are provided to help the kids develop their sense of creativity and imagination.

Every child is different in a special way and requires personalized care, attention and grooming. Appropriate measures and techniques are used to track and measure the growth and progress of the children.

Learning and Leading Vactor

Teacher Qualifications

Only NTT qualified educators with special training in teaching little kids make up our team. The teacher’s responsibility is to help the students and guide them when needed, while also allowing them to direct their own learning. With the use of practical and effective techniques our teachers are willing to support children’s development and growth . Our teachers engage with children while teaching, promoting their social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Little Falcons Kids Kit

Children explore, experiment, and play with the toys under the supervision of teachers in a safe and stimulating environment. To ensure the development of skill areas, kids kit are provided by little Falcons.

The kit provides a number of benefits, including :

  • Fosters a child’s imagination
  • Teach the child important life skills
  • Keeps the child entertained and occupied
  • Develops motor skills and social skills